Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter - 2009

“For I know the plans that I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans for welfare and not for calamity - to give you a future and a hope.”
(Jeremiah 29:11)

The other day, I heard a song that I hadn’t heard in a very long time. It is a song called “Second Chance”. To this day, I remember when I heard this song for the very first time. It was when Ted and I were brand new - - - just married . . .
I have to admit, I never, ever thought I would get married again. But there he was, the man who could melt my knees, and make my heart beat so fast! We had spent months as "friends", talking about everything. We shared our pain in each of our divorces. He listened as I talked about my work and the ministry. He was always there to help out - no matter what the trouble was - my car, the apartment - whatever - - - he was there! I still remember the day we first kissed - my heart was racing, and I had never felt like that - in my entire life! And yet, our pastor kept telling us - - - "no, you are not meant for each other". And so we did our best to stay friends - the very best of friends.
Through tears, prayers, and so much soul searching - we realized that we couldn't let go - couldn't give up on the love we had for each other. And so . . . we were married! It was the most amazing, wonderful day of my life. I knew that together, we would have something wonderful.
We did so many things together - trips to visit family, trips to the park, just time to "be" together. And then one day, we went to a concert. The singer's name? Trisha Yearwood! We stood in front of our seats almost the entire concert. She was so amazing, and even brought tears with her final song. When we drove home that night, all we could talk about was this singer - Trisha - and how much we loved hearing her. Within days, I bought her new cd - "Inside Out". I must have played it over and over again. But the song that caught me the most - was "Second Chance". It was the story of "us", our life together. We were each other's "Second Chance". The song could bring me to tears, and goosebumps would cover my arms. It became one of "our" songs.
Second Chances - - - that is what our life has been about. It is what the ministry is about. Each painful part of our lives, is given up to God for healing. He is the one who gives us the new life - the new chances to be full of joy and happiness. It is what Ted and I have done with our own lives, given the Lord our hurts and troubles, and ask Him to help us live this life. As we have done that, we have had so many "second chances" - over and over again . . .

About a month or so ago, I sent a picture off to a young friend. It is a picture I have in my office. I look at it every day. The picture is of a little boy and little girl holding hands. They are standing under a rainbow, walking away from us. As they do, the words underneath say: "Our God is the God of another Chance . . . and another . . . and another" The children are walking toward another rainbow, and another - always knowing that no matter what - - - God promises us another chance in our lives. When I sent it to my friend, I told her that it is what Ted and I know to be true. She told me she put it up on her wall, reading it over and over - crying as she did. It is the promise I want her to know. It is the promise I want everyone - to believe!

“Second Chance”
Sung by Trisha Yearwood

The weight of the world, the need to survive
Has made you believe, that you have no right.
Then out of the blue, you meet someone
Who offers a place, warm as the sun.

Just close your eyes - - - Reach for the moment
Before it slips by
Here is your second chance - - -
Take it - and fly!

This week is the most holy of weeks in the Christian faith. It is the week leading up to Easter. It is the week we remember what God really did for us. He gave us His Son in order that all our mistakes, our sins and hurts, can be forgiven. He gave us a way - to begin a “New Life”. All we need to do - - - is believe . . .

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good -
to those who love God, . . .

(Romans 8: 28)

In His Amazing Love,
Debbie & Ted Ayers


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